Figuring Out New Tech

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You’re (still) a developer.

Software development is an ever-changing field.  Some of the best software developers always stay hungry to learn more about the newest tech on the bleeding edge.  Staying on top of your game here is critical in order to remain important as a software developer.

After writing the requirements document for Gusty’s Helping Hand, I had the pleasure of being part of the team responsible for implementing a radio streaming service for Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.  This required me to go beyond my comfort zone and figure out how to:

  1. Learn how to build an Alexa Skill
  2. Learn how to read existing documentation

Learning how to build an Alexa skill proved to be of great importance; it taught me how to search the internet and be resourceful. Believe it or not, people dislike being asked easily-answered questions… especially if it interrupts their workflow.  Being resourceful allows you to answer those questions yourself, but also gives you the mindset that you can solve just about any problem you know how to search for. Being a developer is arguably 60% Google searches and 40% code, from what I’ve seen.  The trick is to retain that information so that the next time it pops up, you don’t need to search it; you already know the answer.

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