Completing Implementation

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You’re (barely) a developer.

When you’re assigned to implement the inner machinations of a project, there are three real outcomes:

  1. The project has been completed and all requirements are satisfied.
  2. The project has been mostly completed.  There’s a requirement or two that you were unable to fulfill in full, however you did put effort into them.
  3. The project has been partially completed.  There’s a few requirements you didn’t even get a chance to touch.

I couldn’t even begin to write about the number of factors that come into play here to determine which outcome you’ll get.  Anecdotally, I can say that the presence of a good leader, overall team skill, and overall team motivation are just a few that play pretty big roles in the outcome you’ll get.

The Alexa skills had three real requirements to meet:

  1. Stream FM radio.
  2. Stream AM radio.
  3. Stream a selected podcast.

For the Alexa skills, we fell into the second outcome.  We were able to implement the majority of our requirements without a hitch; however, we were unable to complete the last requirement. (which bugged us for days) Still, we were able to demo what we had with a moderate level of success.

At the end of the day, our end product represented the amount of effort we put into it, as all do.  We put in the effort we thought was necessary, but we missed the forest for the trees and were unable to satisfy every requirement given to us.  If I had the opportunity to repeat, I’d make sure that our motivations were made clear and we were ready to rock from the beginning. That said, our product still works for the most part, and would be a blast to continue working on! Who knows… maybe we will.

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