Concept Art: Part Two




Lambda is getting an upgrade.






A PC Classic: Team Fortress 2

Thumbs up, let’s do this.

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Team Fortress 2 is a unique FPS game that depicts the epic struggle of teams BLU and RED.  There are a variety of gamemodes to choose from, allowing for a seemingly endless amount of replayability.

The theme of replayability is strongly suggested throughout the game.  Valve, the company that maintains TF2, has a huge in-game economy utilizing microtransactions for aesthetic items, as well as actual weapons in the game.  TF2 is not considered a strongly competitive game, although under the right circumstances, it very well could be.  The weapons are extremely balanced and the ability to purchase them for fractions of a dollar does not add a ‘pay-to-win’ aspect to the game.

The controls for TF2 are pretty standard.  WASD to move, 123 to switch weapons, and the mouse to aim and shoot.  The game is very simple and keeps its controls simpler.

TF2 has nine classes to play as.  Each class allows a different role to be played on the battlefield.

Speed Demon:  The Scout

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I play this class the most.  The Scout is the only class that can double jump.  Scouts are also the fastest moving class, and are equipped with a shotgun, pistol, and a melee weapon of choice (usually a baseball bat).  It’s up to the scout to beat the crap out of the enemy.


Bullets on bullets on bullets: Heavy

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THE RIVAL OF THE SCOUT.  MY ARCH NEMESIS.  The Heavy has a TON of health, and carries a huge minigun and shotgun.  The Heavy totally counters the Scout with his high amounts of health and bullets of pain.  The Heavy is a great fight initiator, because of his health.  Many heavies can run into an area and blow up a lot of stuff before they die.  This lets the rest of the team get in there to finish the job.


Not Safe with Matches: The Pyro

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The Pyro is a very effective character.  There’s tons of uses for fire.  Firstly, the pyro can check for spies using the fire.  If someone is a spy, they’ll burn.  If not, friendly fire is disabled, so nothing will happen.  These ‘spychecks’ are often key to winning a game of Capture the Flag.  The Pyro wields a flamethrower, shotgun, and fireaxe.  It seems a bit gruesome.  How can a person burn others to death?  Simple.


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You’re not burning people.  You’re giving them rainbows and unicorns.  Of death.


Those are only three of the nine classes.  Briefly mentioned before, the spy.  The spy can camouflage themselves as an enemy teammate and sap enemy sentry turrets.  The Demoman carries a grenade launcher and a hefty Scottish accent.  He blows stuff up.  The Engineer makes turrets and teleporters to support the frontward movement.  The Medic heals teammates, and can make them invulnerable through an Ubercharge.  The Heavy/Medic combo is very powerful for pushing up the front lines.  The Soldier wields a rocket launcher to handle most threats on the battlefield.  Catch is, the rockets are slow.  You’ve gotta lead the target to get the kills. The Sniper stays back, hitting critical damage from afar.  He’s got a machete, too.  Machetes are cool.


Long story short, this game is a must-play for any aspiring gamer.  In fact, anyone should play this game at least once in their life.  TF2 is a fantastic example of a balanced game that is enjoyable for almost anyone.  The game is designed to fulfill this exact purpose.


TF2 pulls 9/10 hats from me.  I’ve played Team Fortress since Classic, and TF2 is a prime example of great game design and solid gameplay.


The spark has ignited the flame of creativity.  Its wonderful blues and reds shine bright through the game.


In the distant future, the world has been overpowered by an otherworldly force, known only as “the Others.”  The war of attrition slaughtered huge numbers off of the planet.  The surviving humans were captured by the Others and repurposed as slaves.  The future was grim.

As human nature dictates, people rebelled against their captors.  These rebellions were met with instant death to those who committed.  The number of humans diminished as the Others continued to run rampant across the Earth.

The player plays as Atlas, a subservient human among the hundreds in Settlement 17.  The rebellion burns bright in his eyes, but is hidden from his captors.  It is Atla’s goal to organize a final rebellion against the Others.  Settlement 17 is in charge of munitions, and Wallace’s plan is to use the large-scale weaponry against its creators.

The humans are malnourished and terrified.  Atlas is no exception; he knows if his plan fails, the Settlement will be wiped off the grid, just as the others were.

Atlas has to persuade the humans to join his cause.  He can’t be detected by the Others, or he’s dead.  It’s up to the player to ensure the success of the rebellion.


This story is completely text-based.

Atlas awakens in his cell.  He’s motivated to tell others of his plan.  His cellmate is sitting in the dimly lit corner.  His face is marked with two dark blue grooves.  He’s been blackmarked twice.  Atlas tries to convince him of his plan.


The story is choice-based.  Should Atlas successfully convert his cellmate to the cause, the end of his adventure will be different.


Atlas fails to convince his cellmate.  The morning labor bell descends from the ceiling and begins to ring, accompanied by flashing lights.  Failure to attend labor periods results in a blackmark.  Wallace exits his cell and moves toward the factory shuttle.  He has a chance to whisper to those near him of his cause.


The guard overhears Atlas.  He removes his stunstick, flicks it on, and hits him across the face with it.  The shock sends Atlas to the floor.  The guard flips him over, removing a small scanner from his toolbelt.  He aims the scanner at his face, and pushes down the trigger.  Atlas watches through the guard’s reflective mask as the scanner burns his cheek skin to a dark shade of blue.  The guard remains silent, and returns to his post in the corner of the shuttle.


Atlas has been blackmarked.


This is just a taste of the story to come.  Phase I is on its way.